How to Write a Good Project Report

Published: 01st July 2010
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Mechanics of Writing

Your project report must reflect what you are actually trying to achieve. It must bring out your own individualistic views and knowledge that you have gained after doing the Good Project Report. With your writing, you must be able to transform ideas in your brain into logical and coherent form on paper. This method of transforming ideas of mind into a paper is called brain dumping. While writing follow simple steps:

  • Precision

  • Your writing should be precise that means it should be to the point. Your dictionary should not be concise rather you should be open to learn new and different terms. Then you should write sufficiently neither too brief nor too long. Your writing should not lead to misinterpretations.

  • Complement your writing by illustrations and quotes

  • This sets the tone of the project report and makes it interesting while presentation. It makes it easier for the reader to understand what is written in the text.

  • Grammar and spell check

  • You should have a strict tab on the grammar you are using and whether the spellings are correctly used. One spelling mistake and you can lose your marks as well as impression.

    Format to be followed while writing a project report:

    • Project proposal:

      This is the most basic yet mandatory step for writing a good project report. Proposal is written in the future tense and follows a set pattern of becoming the first three chapters of the research project.

    • Introductory pages:

    • Set the stage of your project in the initial few pages of the project report. Give a crisp idea of what you are going to write and what all you have included in your report. You should ascertain to let the readers know why the problem on which you have written a report is necessary to be studied. Highlight the significance of your study.

    • Review of literature:

    • This section contains the findings of previous researchers who have already carried a research on the same subject. This is a long report depending on the research already been carried upon the subject by other researchers.

    • Methodology:

    • What is illustrated in methodology?

      • Define the population.

      • Drawing a sample from the population.

      • Conducting research on the sample as per the methodology adopted whether survey, questionnaire etc.

      • Find out the results

      At end, you should also mention the limitations that are imposed by time and budgetary constraints.

    • Results and findings:

    • Use tables and charts to demonstrate your findings. And sum up the report with all the observations and concrete results you draw from the research.

      Thus, following the above-mentioned steps can surely help you in writing a good and effective project report. These tips can ascertain you good marks, if trailed rightly.

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